Thursday, December 10, 2009

The #best 09 Prompts

The Blog find of the year for me that i didn't know existed until this year is.. I could'nt choose just one...
There are more but these are the ones that I just like today right now....
oh wait I forgot..
I love her photography..
Dec 08,2009
My moment of peace ...
They come to me when I run..When I run over 6 miles it takes my mind time to settle down and to be able to remove myself from all the words and ideas should and shouldn't running around in my head,,,I do find it... that moment of Peace..I find it and I don't want to let it go..I keep running so I can stay in that space were my breathe has a perfect beat to it. Were I figure out how to get from A to B. Were I feel like I am okay and I know I will survive. It come often to me but I need to run to get there....
Dec 09,2009
Something that really made me grow this year was being the one to file for a divorce. Its the scariest thing that I have ever done. I guess I have come to understand that you cant stay in a relationship like ours..whats made this the best challenge of the year for me is that I do know what I want for me and my kids future and I am going make it happen..a simple and gentle existence.
Dec 10,09
My album of the year is The new Dave Mathews CD..Its just really good music. I was introduced to there music 4 years ago by my best friend...and I really like it...
Dec 11,09
The best place right now, this month, this week and today . My favorite place to be is at the YMCA watching my kids swim...I am in love with watching my 2 little ones in there swimming lesson..I just think there amazing..I feel like telling everyone..look those are mine...I just love it.

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