Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The best of 09 Challenge.....

I know its actually Dec 2 nd and this already started but that's okay because it looks like fun. The best of 09 Challenge...(best #09 ). It was started by a great girl named Gwen Bell..I totally wanna play ....December 1st ..What was your best trip of 09..
My best trip this year was to Manzanita Oregon...It was an amazing retreat The bepresentRetreat put on by a beautiful soul..Liz lamoreux..The location sounded just perfect to me. One of mt dearest friends that I just love is from Oregon and she tells me often about how beautiful t is..The timing was good too. My family was going through a difficult time so I felt like I needed a huge dose of hope and that's what I got.I was given so many gifts on this trip..It was a magical.I was surrounded by all these artist and good woman .I really felt loved and alive and I cant say enough good things about what came out of this for me. I loved the ocean there so different than San Diego.I made friends that I hope to have forever and ever. I would highly recommend that if you get a chance to go on such a trip or attend one of Liz's retreat ...DO IT !!!!!!!
It changed me you see who's in the picture with me...Kelly-Rea Roberts..Holy Molly..Yes I this was the best trip of 09 .....

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