Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Friday..a little bit about stuff..

part A
I read a bumper sticker that said just because you feel something it does not make it real...sometimes it gets complicated in our head..It passes..for me I just need to ride it out. I don't give up ..I have constant hope that things will be OK..I also don't have high expectations for myself on days like this..instead I am more gentle and I try to be patient with myself..Then it passes and it gets better..and I it feels less complicated in my head..The next paragraph has nothing to do with this one..I am rambling..sorry..
Its Friday..The first Friday of 2010. Time goes by so fast its pretty crazy..I have moved on in my painting of the house with two small brushes from..The entry way to the living room to the staircase to my daughters room .I finishing Isabella's new room .She will have a purple and pink room by tomorrow at this time...Its exciting changing things around and it feels new...I still find time to scrap..somehow I get it in there..Here are some of the ones I made this week..I also was blog hopping like a little rabbit and stopped at smile and wave and she has the cutest head band idea..I am so doing making one of those well and enjoy your first Friday of the new year...
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