Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lots of color..

I have been painting my house and I am really loving it..Its sunflower yellow and Orange..I know super bright happy colors I adore. I have been afraid of messing up the walls..I am not afraid any more..I walk into the room and I get excited..My kids not so much but they will get used to it..I will take some photos tomorrow for sure.. I am also making hats and scarfs..I totally got my friend Cathy hooked on crocheting so now I have a partner to chill and get excited with me over yarn..I found my next project..I know are you thinking whats up with the chair...well the picture are of my new favorite knitting and crocheting web site...lions brand..They have a ton of free patterns and you can order the yarn on line in case you are stuck some were that you cant get the right color yarn.. The patterns are free and there sweet. I love this little house and mushroom..If you want to learn to do this u-tube is a great and free teacher. That's what I did. I will take some good pictures of my happy walls tomorrow and some layouts I have been working on for my dad...
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