Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday again..

Do you feel like I do ? It feels like new years was yesterday..Its crazy how fast time seems to be passing or moving...not sure wich one. I have been having fun taking pictures..lots and lots of them...This one was in Pacific Beach.I day dream everytime I see a setting like this one I pretend I am on that little boat in the middle of the bay just taking it all in . This is really close to were I run Saturday Mornings ..( San Diego is so pretty) I had a really good weekend..I ran on sat with this group WWRR and went to my twin nieces birthday party..Sunday, I went on a bike ride and my dad took my kids to Boomers....everyone had fun...I am almost finished with my LUCKY 13 pages..due WED...(waiting till the last minute)
I have also been thinking a-lot about my priorities..My kids and life..I know my kids do come first but I have been working on feeling really good about that..Loving and owning that responsibility...Finding and needing that peace within the 4 of us..That can be tricky..but hey there my life and since I do have a 15 year old I really do get that before you know it they stop coming to your bed at night they grow fast..
and I have been thinking way to much about this little guy that lives in my garden..I want more and more of these little creatures in my garden..I must have thought about him 5 times today and how cute he is and how he needs a girlfriend..( do they make girl ones..) I don't know...
I hope you have a perfect Monday and I hope to have good pictures for tonight ....
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