Friday, January 22, 2010

Its Friday ?

I am kinda rambling so be warned...
This Friday its cold and raining here in San Diego...CHA is also this weekend..How exciting all the new paper lines and new product is here..My girlfriends are going and I wish I was but you cant do everything when your a single mom...I will just have to wait until its out in the stores...This way I have something to look forward to.(new paper...YUMMY )
I had company this whole week and a couple sick kids..My birth mom stayed with me..It was nice..Having another adult to talk too..I am still crocheting a-lot..but my girlfriend Cathy man I taught her the basics and man shes just crazy making stuff..I love it now she teaching me now..I am loving the rain just loving it...I am wearing rain boots today too..This is my outfit this Friday. Yes I have to buns in my is a secret ( this is my favorite way to do my hair right now ) its kinda weird i guess because I am 37 but I just love having it out of my face and ponytails are cute...Oh..I am all over the place today so just bare with me...I have to share this with you..My new favorite face cream I just discovered...7 (seven) from target..Have you tried this stuff ??I just love it.I also love the price so perfect..another reason to go to target..OK well have a great weekend and if you are going to about it OK..Have a safe weekend and stay warm.I am going to the movies with my dad....
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