Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The rain is here..

I picked up my kids at school and decided we would do our own beach field trip...It was windy and raining off and on..It was cold and I wanted to go to the beach...
I told them both ..lets go down to the beach and yell or sing as loud as we can down by the water because no one can here us..I really wanted to yell we went.. headed down to the water and ran and yelled and it ended up as a big laughing situation...Christopher told me look mommy I am getting muscles the wind is filling me up...Isabella said am getting my hair done by the wind...It was fun and cold..and a little crazy
I love just practicing being free..Its rather hard now with so much of life pulling at you at all directions so its important to make a free of everything moment once in a and yell or sing at the wind ...Tell the wind I am here and I love you...( i did)
It was a weird day for me but now all I will remember when I look back on today will be running with my kids in the cold wind ...and taking pictures....keep warm...
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