Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Isabella's mini book..created with the Carousel kit

The cover....
I know as a mom some of the best things we can give our kids are thing we least that's my belief..I would love to have a mini my mom made for me..That would just rock my world...That's what I hope my kids will eventually feel about this little treasures..I love making for them..
I made this using 100%...of the Pink Nina Addicts March Kit..I want to explain this..I took only the kit and my basic tool kit..BASIC..I think that's kinda cool to have enough stuff in one kit to do that...Ally and Nely really did a great job putting it together..
For her birthday last year we took her to The American Girl doll store in Los Angeles....We would of liked to take a couple of girls from her class with us but man it was crazy expensive so that made us her only guest...It was still perfect..
Here we are in the booth holding her gifts..I also did the witting on little pieces of paper that are hidden behind the pictures...Here we are shopping..we had a good time...notice my 15 year old is not in the picture..This place was not cool enough for her to go....
This is the last page....Glitter wings , ballerinas and all....I do love Birthdays, I just wish our kids didn't have to grow up so fast..I love little people...
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