Friday, March 19, 2010

Scrapping with my Addicts Kit

I did this layout with the Pink Ninja Addicts March kit.. I had fun making it..You know it just flowed ..very free about it..My age 37..I don't really know what that means to me ..I don't feel any age really..I would have to say that I do feel way more mature than I did 5 years ago...I also feel that with age and kids you become a better listener..and I enjoy it...and I find I am very aware now of the fact that hey this person really needs to be heard, I can hear it in there voice,and therefor I listen better .37 almost 38 has also showed me to find contentment is what is going on right now...

I am still a little wacky and super happy some days and sad girls can be a little of everything emotionally and that's OK..its just the way we are....I have found that I am very hope full that I will be able to trust again and I AM PROUD TOO.. at the age of 37 I did right by my family....I know that this whole divorce thing will be behind me soon..I am so much more at peace now with who I am and my kids...ok...there you go...all this writing for a layout..You gotta love scrapbooking its a good therapy tool ..try it...put down your age on a peice of paper and just go........
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