Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Honest Tuesday..

Here we are...
We are found, We are lost..
We laugh ,we cry..
We are not alone and I know that ..We all go through insane roller coaster of life just trying to find that happy moment that makes it so worth it...It lies in our children's smiles it lies in the way he spoons with you, the little bit of heaven we create on a canvas if only to make our own hearts sing. Its in that constant movement forward in that hope that must not leave our hearts ever..Hope to love and be loved ..Hope to make what we broke better if not for us then for our kids but really for ourselves to heal what hurts and to keep moving forward,,
Our hope lies in the sunrise that will be here tomorrow to let us know we are alive and all is OK..We must never give up on ourselves..because we are beautiful inside and out ..because we make a difference in so many people lifes..because we matter ....when things look bad and your heart hurts ..reach for those who love you , there wanting to hold you..they too need to love you..don't give up on life and it wont give up on you....
Love always,
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