Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What I am thinking about...

OK, so I am so in adoration of this color right now....Mabeline mint..$3.50 at CVS.. Hello happiness in the shade of mint ..Do you see my ring..My mom gave it to me..My hands felt naked and it made me sad to look at them and see no I asked my mom if I could barrow a ring and she gave this one ..It kind of looks like a turtle..I think that's perfect because I see myself as a turtle..I hide when I need too..I walk ( run) a long way..I am slow to react..I am loyal...I would be a perfect turtle...
I have been feeling a-lot lately..How about you? I feel like there is a-lot happening on this earth. I am Happy then sad and I feel like I am getting my head out of the sand...yikes!!I have learned this... its never as bad as we think its going to be...I always think this.. Oh!!! we go and then guess what its not so bad,,but I do have to stop hiding to experience this...I have to come out of my shell..I am trying really hard to let myself be seen..Its kinda weird when you've been in hiding or so long , also I was married for 10 years and then I AM not. I have a whole new respect for people who go through this..I had no idea how crazy emotionally hard it was to go through it...I am on the other side now and I am proud to say I am going to be OK..I have met some people along my new path that are amazing souls..People who don't mind feeling...So here I am..most of the time happy and most of the time crying..but its good I am getting or going or moving somewhere..I am definitely moving in some kind of forward direction..and guess what I am not closing my eyes...My lesson learned is I am not going to give up on myself and neither should you..this is what we have one life and we have each lets blog!!!!!!
That's supposed to be funny..ha ha really I just believe that we all deserve our happily ever after and I don't think we can plan for it I think life just happens..Key thing is we have to be willing to let it happen .That means take chances and be willing to fall and get hurt..but that's OK..because if you don't fall then how can we get up and be wiser and stronger and present..That's key ..being present love ,care for, nurture, learn experience and love...( I LOVE LOVE )
I am here hurting too and laughing but not giving lets not give up together..OK
yours truly,
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