Sunday, May 16, 2010

How was the run...

The train run was a-lot of fun...I never thought that I would think running 21 miles would be fun but it was...My coach is a really nice guy and the group was in a good mood. I had my I-Pod ready to go with really good music...all kinds. No one else in our group carries an I-pod so we played a game...Gloria sings the song and everyone tries to figure out the name and title. I am so happy at this point. I am singing ,running and i have a skirt on...I am a happy girl....My dad bought me new shoes for mt birthday too..
Yes, here I am right before we took off and I can honestly write that I am totally ready to run the Rock and Roll...I am going for 4 hours.....not 3:59:59. I think I am going to need that extra second....I love running...I really do. I don't worry when I run ..Its pretty much my cherry on top of my chocolate fudge what was my time for 21 miles...3:13
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