Friday, June 4, 2010

What I am up too...

Its Friday and I have butterflies in my tummy because its almost race day....Holy Cow....OK well I went to Dick Blick art supply store yesterday to pick some cute art supplies for a special little girl...I love that store..As I was leaving I got hungry and since I was in little Italy I got two slices of pizza and a vitamin water to go....So I could eat it in my Prius...that sounds so cool to me..eating pizza the car ..
Oh and yes...I wore my special shoes yesterday because I felt very grateful so I wanted some magic in my step...(target)
and lastly I finished of my day by going to the Pasta dinner with my peeps..This is Judy my dads sister she is walking the half marathon...Way to go Judy....I am working on getting my whole family into this.....
Life s good and I am excited ...Ill keep you posted..Oh and guess what a part of my house flooded...crazy hu... I called my dad and he is fixing it for me as blog...Love to all
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