Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another lovely day in Boulder

This is the view from the patio of the Rio on Pearl street..They have the best margaritas in all of Boulder..I didn't have one it was way to early but I did have their tortilla soup. Yummy
Here is what I know about Boulder..This place is a little magical. You can feel the inspiration of life here. Its very comfy here. People very earthy here. You can walk to the outside mall from almost all the hotels here. There are lots of street performers too..They are so creative.
I remember when Paola was little and we lived here we would walk to the mall get gelato and sit on the floor and watch the different street performers and then just walk home..
Its almost like home away from home. I have great memories of this place. All my kids walked in this mall when they were little.
Kiffer got the coolest hat and random people walked up to him and blew on it..all day. He loved it.
This is Boulder. Cool hippie kids playing awesome music and me sitting on the floor with my kids just listening...You just should make sure you have some cash to give them because there such good performers..

I loved this sign . Is it not cool. I said can I take your picture he said for a dollar ..I said I gave all my cash away..He said if you could would you help us? I said if I could I would buy you the coolest VW van so you could go everywhere in it..He said Thanks...
so tomorrow I go home to San Diego but I will miss this sweet piece of heaven on earth. Boulder......
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