Monday, August 2, 2010

Boulder, Colorado

I left San Diego were it was gloomy at least were I live. I arrived in Boulder and it appeared to be sunny and warm.. Sike !!! its raining here.. at least after 3 pm.
My kiddos are very happy they get to see there dad and spend a whole month with him..
We stopped at this little temple/store...Oh wow.. The things I saw made my heart sing. Let me start by saying that I was brought up catholic and went to a Catholic school forever so I have a-lot of faith but I also have a-lot of guilt. I feel guilty when I walk into any kind of religious center that's not Catholic. I know, I know
This part of me is drawn to Buddhist teachings and well when I walk into a temple like the one I saw yesterday and see things like this...
My heart feels settled.
I feel centered. Optimistic. Calm.
I have only really tried meditating once and it was all all day , I loved it
Next we drove to Estes park.. Yes, I went there with my x husband and the kids and we got along. My kids need to see us just getting along and we did. In Estes Park was the Hotel The movie The Shinning was shot in..Scary hu !!! I don't know about you but that movie scared me the bigibies out of me. So when I was asked if I wanted to go inside to see it..I said no thank you,
It s huge and it is very pretty, but this was good enough for me!!! Tomorrow I am going the coolest 60 s second hand store. Oh man ,I almost forgot I have been drawing like crazy and I will share my silly stuff soon..Have a great tomorrow , and by the way I heard Tuesdays are great days for everyone who reads this...G
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