Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sedona/ August 2010

Driving in to Sedona...

I am visiting Sedona for a couple of days. Its about a 7 hour hour drive from my home. I do love driving to far away destinations but I like it more with easy company. So, here I am. I have done some fun hikes and eaten lots of yummy food. We went to this place called Elotes for dinner. My dads sister told me to make sure to go because the chips and the food were amazing. As, I was walking down the hall I said hello to this lady and found out she was from Alaska. She heard the same thing about this restaurant The chips and the sauces were so so good.
The temperature is in the 90s so not to bad . I did get a reading while I was here and all I can say is WOW!!!! She had all these stones and asked me to choose the one that spoke to me..I chose the creativity stone..It was very spiritual and peaceful.
This has been a very settling trip for me. I have some silly pictures to show tomorrow. Good night and thanks for stopping by.
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