Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sedona/ day 2 and 3

I really like Sedona. Its so calming and it feels so good to be here. Everywhere I look there is so much beauty. I love that these cactus's that are in the shape of hearts. Its like there saying yes we are sharp but look we have hearts too..OK maybe they just told me that.
There are so many places to hike. Some of these places made me feel so quite inside . It felt like someone turned the volume way down in my head and body. It almost feels like a consistent inner peace. How cool is that !
Places like the one above made me feel like sitting down and being close to the ground.
I love nature and I admire how much beauty it gives us. Even old tree branches give us bridges to climb.
yes, good company helps !!! I am in good company..
I felt like climbing high and touching the ground and the water..
The v shaped place in the ground is my favorite but I am not sure why..
They had a great spring and that's why there is so much green right now.
We climbed to the top of this rock..I climbed in a dress too...
So, Sedona was very good to me. It filled me with love for the earth, nature and all the blessings it brought to me. (Chrissy look a heart rock in a tree for you)
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