Sunday, September 26, 2010

6 More days..

The count down officially begins six days I run The St. George Marathon. What does this mean to me? that after 26.2 miles I will have a great story to tell and I will really consider the fact that maybe I am crazy. I think this will be my 7 Th marathon. These races become huge events in my life. Each one has made me stronger in all sorts of ways. I know that I will have the best day dreams while I run. The weirdest thoughts come to me while I run. I invent things and I plan vacations with my kids that are crazy fun. I write a book as I run and I make mini-books, I will sing and rap and dance all while I run..I am so in love with running its a happy pill for me. Give me some tennis shoes and shorts and consider me happy..
but here is the part that scares me. I am running for certain time. I would like to do it in 3:45 ..I did the Rock in Roll in 3:58 ..So what happens if I run it in 3:45...I can go to Boston. Holy cow..If that happened I would poop my pants. I just don't see how I can do that.It's crazy how our mind does that. I think I can do 3:50...but not 3:45.. I never cared about time much but I guess I do matter what it will be a good time..My dad and my kids will be cheering me on. I will totally keep you posted no matter what my time is I will run my little butt off...Do you have something thats you do that makes you crazy happy ?
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