Monday, September 27, 2010

5 more days

This is me 5 years ago. I am running my second marathon..The Rock and Roll. I was very happy not knowing anything about time or what was expected. I was proud to tell people I ran a marathon in 5:17 minutes. I felt like I had accomplished the impossible. I held my satellite radio the whole time just like that I had one arm up in the air ..I am sure it hurt but I was on cloud 9. I ran this one with team in training. I ran it for my first husband Roger. I had his picture behind my bib and when I would get tired I looked at him. It was a great way to remember him and give to a great cause. I ran this whole race for him. I guess that's why I was so happy because I was so in love with him. He was a good husband to me. I think I was a great wife too..
I totally got off the subject..My point is that I love this stage of life when we don't know if we are good or bad we just love what we do. I guess starting a hobbie is so much fun because we get super excited just like little girls. We are so proud of what we are doing and we want to share it..We want show our friends. It kind of sucks that we grow out of that stage ..That just like me with running now I want to make it official. I want to qualify. I know there is a way to find a happy medium. I think that would be to play along the way, not to forget to be present for the journey. To do it because we love it. Sometimes when we forget why we are doing it. Thats when we need to stop and try hard to get our center back. Life is to short to be serious all the time. We need to be like little girls as often as we can. We need to do things we love and that we feel passionate about..Why? because it will keep us young at heart and allow us to keep that little girl in all of us alive.
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