Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Monday to you..

This is Monday and guess what I start a new job today...That's all about the whole job thing for now. I have been slow on the blog situation and I plan on getting my blogging fairy back. First I want to share that I am taking this class..
Learn Something new everyday by Shimelle . I took it last year and I did not finish it, so I am doing it again. I love that she sends you a little something everyday to prompt you on your way to learning something..Its simple but I do really enjoy getting her emails everyday. I am a journal junkie. I am looking around me and I have 3 journals in hand. So inspiring. For this class I took an Anthropology Catalog and some chipboard and scrapbook paper and its coming together. I am thinking I might keep putting stuff in this little book until it looks big...
I have been feeling like I am in huge learning stage of my life. I think for many years I was just trying to get by. I felt shy inside I am not sure if I was or not but I felt that way. I was afraid people would not like me . Maybe I didn't like me...(light bulb) I am awake now and I am feeling it all . I like that. I am putting as much as I can on paper too..I love scrap booking and journaling because I can actually trace my feelings and were I was.. Its magical to look back and say I made it ...

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