Monday, September 13, 2010

Thank you Thank you !!!

I met this girl named Karen Tessandore in Utah about 2 years ago. Jane and I drove 12 hours to Art nest. We were really excited about meeting all the girls. The amazing artist we were going to take painting and soldering classes from too. I sat and painted away as Kelly Rea taught the first class and during I walked around and stopped at Karen's spot and just fell in love with her beautiful sweet girls. I remember going to get Jane and saying look Jane I love her girls. We got to know Karen and hung out with her. She told us a little about her life in Alaska and I was excited to look at her blog. She told me in Utah how she wanted to be in Summerset blog... and she made it happen.
Last month I was reading her blog and she was having a giveaway for a copy of the magazine . I left a comment and crossed my fingers and guess what I won..Then to my surprise I opened the box and all I can say is Thank you Karen !!!She sent me a treasure box full of goodies ..A copy of the magazine she was in a book and a painting..Yes a painting , of one of her girls..You made my month..Thank You Karen.
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