Thursday, December 30, 2010

I know its almost near the end..2010
I feel like I should pat myself on the back and say good job G..You got through it and I did. I know I defiantly don't want to be the got through it girl though. What do I mean by that..I want to stop trying to survive things I would like to be just OK. Does that make sense..I know its an attainable goal. So now that this year is almost at an end and that I have grown up in many ways..I would like write a bit on what is going on inside of me ..I feel incredibly blessed to have been made aware this year of just how much my family loves me. Family dynamics can be very complicated because for the most part no matter what we feel a need to love our family.( I do ) So unlike a friend who may do something to hurt us that we feel we can not forgive, we can choose to actually not talk to them again and go on with our lives . I feel with family we grow from difficult matters. We learn to forgive our brothers and sisters because there our family. I know I am more aware this year of how much they love me. I can honestly say that each one of my siblings has hugged me this year and told me that they love me. I cant even begin to explain that even in the darkest moments when I looked up what I heard was G we've got you..
What I learned from this year is. What makes my life beautiful are the relationships I have with my family , my friends, my children, my boyfriend. The relationships that I have cultivated . The people I choose to surround myself with . All of these people fall under this category..
People I love.
I have chosen my word for next year....
I will be brave in love.
I will be brave with my art
I will be brave in my friendships
I will be brave in my children's lives.
I will be brave in educating myself
I will be brave in figuring out my finances
I will be brave in communication
I will be brave in my relationship with God.
So if I close my eyes what I see is me jumping with and get eyes are open..
That's right.
I know maybe not all the time but I really want to be Brave in my life..So now that I have my word I am going to start to write t down and make it happen..even if its only a little bit at a time. Life changes start with being aware of what is going on in our own life .
I am going to brave in between the lines of my life...
So I am going to do a toast.
Here is to being grateful that we were all granted one more year of life. To doing our best to lead a positive and productive life. To being aware of all those people around us who loves us and to cultivating a positive 2011..

I will do my best to show up and be brave in my own life.

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