Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome 2011

Hello Sweet friends...
I have been away for a much needed Gloria break. Lots happened the week of New Years and I think I am settled inside with all of it. So as the saying goes...
Today is the perfect Day to start over...
I have realized that two of my kids do this when I try to kiss them.
I have been crocheting some as this does tend to help me Chill...
I started painting and I stopped half way because the girl I was painting..well she kinda scares me...I think I am going to put some cute scrapbook paper all over her pretty little face and start over.
I have been going to work..( still a weird thing ) work.
I have been journaling some. I do have to say that one of my highlights of the new year (besides kissing Joe at midnight) was starting my new Kelly-Rea date book...Love
I have also had a-lot of much needed family time. I am not talking about my kids, I am taking about me needing my mom and sister..Sometimes only your mom will do.
I also have ran just a little bit but its enough for me to see that I love to run and its good for me.
I am so crazy about my word too.. Brave
I am going to not let fear stop me to many times...
I will try hard to be Brave in the face of fear and when I am not or when fear wins I will simply recognize what that felt like. What just happened and push myself a little harder next time.
Hope you have a good week..and do you have your word yet ?
Big Smile, G

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