Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy first day of February

..Guess what I didn't have to work today. I had to take my kids to the dentist and it took up most of the morning so I didn't go ..That gave me a sweet 1 to 3 p.m period open. So with these couple of hours open I decided to take them just for me. I went for a run.I didn't run for that long but I took my time running and just being. Though I do have to admit that my scarf sister reminded us on her blog a couple days ago about her love of hearts. I like hearts too. Hello.. we are girls who decorated our journals with hearts and stars and more hearts. There is nothing more beautiful than having a happy heart. I feel the older we get we are more aware of being truly grateful when your heart is happy because yes it will eventually change. Its just the way it is. I am an emotional female so when my heart chooses happiness its bliss. So Chrissy loves hearts too so for the month of February she has invites us too post hearts. Maybe hearts and stories.. Hop on over to her blog for a little heart love.
Yes, this is the weather in San Diego.. So pretty hu !!! .. Please excuse my sweaty face as I was running but stopped to take this picture. I have navy blue nail polish on.. Oh I am listening to my old new favorite Cd.. I definitely ran and danced and had made some people smile.. I was listening to Gypsy Kings Bola re. That Cd makes me want to move all over. I was day dreaming today of the time I went to the Gypsy King concert with my mom and wore a crop top that was big time 60s. Bell bottoms and all..I was so happy because I love the way the pants moved when I danced. My poor mom..She was a little embarrassed.
Back to my day... ( sorry )
OK, so this morning Bella got a wishing bracelet at the dentist so I had wishes on the brain and I saw this ... So I crawled on the dirt to take this picture.. Love the Idea of being able to make a wish anything you want and then all it takes is for you to blow and poof your wish will come true. Its the dream part I love...
This is were I usually stop just to look.. Its so pretty and I love that the people are all living there lives, They look so happy together. Couples hold hands, mothers taking pictures of there kids. People reading on there tummies. Its a nice place to people watch.
I was doing my thing ...running walking looking dancing thinking about my kids and yes thinking about Mr. Joe. Day dreaming when all of a sudden there it was in front of me......
Its must of been because I had Joe on the brain..
Chrissy's heart...
So to my Dear Friend Chrissy, I love your beautiful mothering nature. I love your sweet voice and how you are able to just be genuine. I think you have a perfect heart. So here is my first heart of 2011. Its for you my friend... You do see it right? I love that is broken but since its tree trunk it will hold itself together and stay strong...
Have a great day,
May your heart find bliss today,
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