Saturday, February 5, 2011

Going to run..

Happy Saturday Morning. I am sitting here waiting for my coffee to brew so I had some time to check in. I am doing an organized run this morning and it should be fun but my dads foot is not better yet so I am running by myself ..kinda weird. I am sure it will be fu and I will know someone there.Ok so last night I went to Blicks Art store.Joy.. I walked through there over and over. I bought the cutest masking tape and lots of pencils and paper and new paint brushes. So fun. So I came home after and my mom Gloria is staying this weekend with me so her and I stayed up I painted and drew... I did this cute little girl most of yesterday at work.. I know I am so busy.. Should have lots to share today. I am painting a bedroom and re doing it with my mom and Carrie...
Hope today is going to be great day..
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