Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The san Diegito Half Marathon

Here I am once again doing one of the things I love most...Running
This past Sunday I ran a half marathon that takes you through Rancho Santa Fe those are the really nice houses in San Diego. They are really amazing neighborhoods with lots of land and huge houses and lots of hills. This I think is one of the harder but prettier courses for half marathon in San Diego. I was really surprised this year because there was not a-lot of people running compared to last year and the year before but it was perfect weather and the volunteers are really helpful..Its a nice event.
I know I must have 100 of these pictures but here we are my dad and I after the race.. OK so Joe who is my sweet boyfriend his friend Matt ran with me. He is a runner but he does not run as much as I do. Still he runs so my dad picked me up early so I would be on time. (thanks dad) then we went to pick up Matt at his parents house and at 7:30 we were at the park picking up Matt's number and getting his goody bag. He was scared because he had not run this far in about 2 years, 13.1 miles up and down hills is a long way...
Well let me tell you that Matt kicked my butt....yup he
Matt ran 1:57
I ran 2:01
Yes, he won..but I am OK with that..Right....Here we are at the beer garden getting ours after the race ..Can you tell how nice it is here in San Diego ?..we are so lucky..Oh my dad took a video so I am going to try to figure that out...Happy Happy Running friends....

cheers ..G
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