Monday, February 7, 2011

Sundays Xterra run

OK so this is the starting line for the Xterra race. 15k of trail running and yes this one was hard. First of all I thought was going to be on time but my dad convinced me on the way that he knew how to get there and if you know me you wold know I am direction handicapped so I went with what my dad said but he was wrong so after a little getting lost to finding the coarse situation happenings. We found it but the sad thing was i stared 20 minutes late. The really good thing about starting late is all the cool people I met at the way back I never would of met at the front.
This race consisted of running up and down 3 steep hills and it hard and I was tired after the first hill but then I started talking to all the cool 80 year old men running.. I met a lady named Maggie who is a hard core runner and she has ran 3 100 milers and was 51. I love talking to her until she told me to be quite I am trying to run here. Then I moved up and so on. I loved this race because it was so challenging but also because i pretty much ran it alone. except for the peeps who were nice and told me there running stories. I loved that.
Oh and I have a new fav music for my I-pod. The Gypsy Kings . I listen to them and pretend I am dancing flamenco in Spain with a re and white polka dot dress. That was my run dream this Sunday. Have you ever ran ? You should try a little bit if you can. Its so great and fun.
Here we are my dad and I. Yes I wore the same shirt both days. Yes I washed it. I just love it because it protects me from the sun .
I did this 15k in one hour and 33 minutes. that's fine for me. I hope you had a great weekend too. Happy Monday...G
so I found this guys blog and he made a short video of the run... cool stuff
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