Monday, February 7, 2011

Saturday morning and a fun run.

I started Saturday morning bright and early . This is a picture I took of the sunrise as I was driving to a small organized race. I do love the quite of the morning and the anticipation of going to run.
I was on time. Does not happen often but I try. There were only about 500 people there and that's not a-lot for San Diego. I really need to get running again if I am to accomplish my goals I have set out for this year.
This was part of the coarse.. my brother live 2 blocks from here. You run to the end of this street and turn around and come back. All types of people watching. You can give people high fives on the way back or just say hello to make the time go by and it just makes it more fun.
I was thinking as I was running right in the middle of the pack. I was thinking how I am a middle of the pack girl and how I liked that. I had lots of room to get better so I could work and work on it . I also was not in the back . The middle was a perfect place for me.
After the race I noticed there were having a crochet club sign up. You could make beanies for a cause. cool hu I didn't sign up but I talked to them and it sounded like fun.
So I did the 10k in 51 minutes. That's fine for me but most importantly I wore my very cute argyle socks during my run to keep my legs and funny maybe even a little dorky but hey that's OK..Its me...
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