Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Big sis...

Today is my big Sisters Birthday..
So here are
Ten Reasons why I adore you Angie
1. She sings to me all the time
( I love it)
2. She is a really good mom
( I admire you for that)
3. She has a great sense of humor
( you always laugh at my jokes)
4. She is a great belly dancer
( I learn from your moves)
5. She speaks 5 languages fluently
( honestly, who does that )
6. She has great style
( I admire the way you dress)
7. She has a very sexy voice
( I love calling you ,I think oh my sis is so cute when we hang up )
8. She is honest
( I admire you for that)
9. non- judge mental
( i can tell you anything)
10. You are so classy and beautiful
( makes me so proud )
Dear Angelica,
I hope you have a wonderful day..I love you with all my heart and you and I will be together for ever.. How lucky am I. I could not have asked God to give me a better role model and friend.. I adore you ...I love you...G
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