Friday, March 25, 2011


Whats going through my head today..
I have been reading and evaluating the current location in my life. I am not talking about were I live . I am talking about my heart life location. I guess there are things I personally don't really want to stop and look at . I feel its like paying the bills.
You know how if your anything like me and visit my blog then your visiting others like mine. You know how we read about having faith in ourselves and trusting ourselves.
Believing in our super amazing woman powers.
I don't think we give ourselves enough credit for how strong we are.
I am rambling but I am so feeling this right now.
My heart life Location
My G.P.S.
says this I am almost 39.
I am almost 39.
My heart location says this.
Miss G Love your kids.
No matter how hard life gets and who dies.
No matter what choices you make
( I hope mine are good)
Your kids are here hopefully forever.
Love them..
Then I go take a left turn on my G.P.S. and go into Gloria territory.
This is what I feel. I am only going to do this run at life once.
So I feel I must make conscious choices that will benefit my life.
My children's lives, sometimes there not easy but hey to get to the good part we have to navigate through the hard part.
I keep thinking about all of our words ..
I chose
but don't you love going to Alli Edwards blog and reading all the amazing words other great girls chose...I was just thinking . Gloria take little tiny bites of all the words the sit with you.
When new situations come up I look at all my friends words and I barrow the ones I need for that day. I feel like this post is all over the place and I guess what I am trying to say is when I feel lost I think that borrowing meaning s of words that resonate with me really helps.
Sometimes I feel I really need to be brave when I need to do something that scares me..Be Brave..That's what I tell myself...
or when I need to forgive someone I feel I need to hang on to that word forgive..Or when I need to get my but to exercise because I feel its good for me I need to have the word Active in my head.. G, I say you need to be active go do it...
So My G.P.S. is telling me that my location is close
That Hope and Love and Brave and being still .
having a grateful heart, keeping myself open,
living , fun and being true..
all of these words will get me to the location I need to be at..

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