Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things I just love right now..

Hi, Dear Friends..There are lots of little things I cant seem to stop thinking about.
These Blythe Dolls to begin with..
I am really excited about making them some super cute clothes because I just got Blythe clothes
Pattern in the mail...
so fun !!!!
Owls..I cant seem to stop loving Owls..
some cultures Say there bad luck but others say that they symbolize
wisdom..I am going to go with the wisdom situation.
This American Girl doll that is totally 70,s to me..
Love her...
Adore the jumper..
Obsession # 3 and the one that's got the biggest hold on me.....
I have had at least 5 in the last week...
10 or more this month...
Subway makes a good B.L.T.
but I make a better one..
but honestly any B.L.T.
will do...
Yes..I am a little addicted to this sandwich...
Cartoons of cute girls with head phones..
I am loving some of the oh so cute illustrations on toy boxes..
Her shoes are so adorable..
So that's were I am today..maybe I am living vicariously through my 8 year old daughter.. Its got to be fun to have your mom eating B.L.Ts and playing dolls with you right...
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