Sunday, May 1, 2011

Letter to the month of May...

Good Morning Month of May and welcome into my life...
Thank You for the warm weather with you bring with you
Thank You for all the beautiful flowers you
will bless us all with this month.

I will make it a point to fill my house with flowers this month.
I will make it a point to send lots of pretty mail this month.
I will make it a point to hug and hug my kids this month.
I am so happy you have arrived safe into my life month of May.
I will take steps to grow and accept a little better this month.
To be more patient with my children and myself.
To choose.
I hope to be able to run along the beach and the trails.
I am going to embrace my life this month and just take all that is handed to me with pride.
I will say yes in the wonderful month of may more than no.
I will craft this month of may and love whatever it is I make.
Thank you Universe for all that you bless me with and may this month of may
be no different than the rest.
That is my intention ..
Thank You
and all that is out there
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