Monday, May 23, 2011

Little man turns ten.

My little boy turned ten yesterday.
I adore this little man. He is smart and funny.
He love jokes. He memorises the long ones and then during dinner
he will get up and do a little number.
He has great delivery.
He can dance..
He loves his sisters
He super duper loves me.
He is so smart and loves to read.
He only orders adult size cheeseburgers
and likes all the lights of when he goes to bed.
He is a very special little boy one that I feel blessed to be the mother of.
He owns a huge part of my heart..
I love him.
and now he is ten..
Time flies when your having fun ..
He told me yesterday that spending the day with me at universal studios made it the best day of his life. What more could I ask for ?
Total mommy moment.
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