Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On the run..

On the run.
With me being a creature of habit and sticking to the same thing over and over this my friends is
the street I run on as often as possible. I have been really trying and succeeding ( I think)
in following through on the training for the 50k.
I am following an app that I found on my I phone called
The 50k Coach. by running method

I love that I found some app on my phone that tells me what to do.
So cool.
I haven't been as excited about going out and running the last couple of times but a
good friend told me not to think about the before part of going out to run.
Just get your stuff ready and get up and do it.
So I did and I stopped worrying about how fast I was going
I stopped comparing myself to other runners who kick ass.
I stopped thinking about all the junk that holds me back from enjoying my time
by myself doing what I love.
It takes me about 15 min to let go and just start being really present in that moment.
sometimes I just seem to stop thinking but the more I practice letting go the easier it becomes.
I started doing that same thing with my journals too. I try to let my brain just write and try not to analyze or think about it. I am really surprised at the stuff I write.
So my dear friends this year my focus will be on finishing my first 50k.
I have a feeling or maybe its hope that doing this will be a total life changing experience
just like running a marathon. The clarity that comes from running a really long way is worth the pain the effort the sweat .. I actually feel God is right there along side me and were having a great time..
Have a great Monday

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