Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I am grateful for today !!

Hello and Good after noon my sweet friends.
I am happy to report that on this very day.. I am feeling very happy and excited
I am going to visit a place I love.....
This weeks Grateful List comes straight from my heart.
I am grateful for hot pink toe nails..
I think this is a huge pick me up.. If your feeling blue.. Paint your nails
Hot Pink ( kinda spunky)
Blue (very popular)
Yellow (why not)
Red ( sexy)
french on the toes ( makes you feel put together)
I am grateful for Dolls.
Yes, I love dolls they make me smile and they remind me not to take life seriously.
They are just cute..cute..cute..
I am grateful for Mail..
I am grateful for girls that send mail.
I am grateful for girls who love to draw.
Makes my heart sing... Fa la la la la..( did you hear me?)
I am grateful for saying that remind you its never to late.
To be a better person
To be honest
To love more
To trust yourself
Oh but what I am most grateful for are ceramics made by my little girl who at the age of 8 is reminding me
Love your self !!!
I am learning this everyday...
specially this week for some reason.
accept yourself for who you are.
forgive yourself for what you have done.
Love yourself
no excuses
just Love !!!!!
because you are beautiful.

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