Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I am grateful for today !!

I am grateful that God has allowed me to make it to 39.
I am grateful that God has made my path so colorful.
I am grateful that I have peace in my heart.
I am 39, years old today..I can and cant believe it.
My daughter Paola asked me if I felt old. I thought long before I answered her.
No.. I don't feel old . I feel strong and very capable.
Her reply.. Cool mom.
I am so grateful for this cute teenager.
I am grateful she is honest with me .
I am so grateful that she has her own sense of style.
I am grateful that she teaches me acceptance.
I am grateful for Miss Bella who just gets me and I her.
I am grateful she loves dolls like me.
I am grateful she loves to go outside.
I am grateful that she teaches me a-lot about just being happy.

I am so grateful For Christopher.
I am grateful for his sense of humor. (he is so funny)
I am grateful for the way he holds me. (tight)
I am grateful for that he teaches me patience.
I am grateful that God granted me 3 amazing kids that just are my heart, complete my heart, nurture my heart.
I am grateful for woman who see the need to create a safe space for other woman to nurture each others spirit.
I am grateful for Gloria's Space.
for in this space I fed my spirit. I felt my spirit being loved.
I am so grateful and honored that my spirit held a special place in that space.
I am super duper grateful for 3 kids who made me a cake last night
It was turqouise and red.
with a peace sighn in Cheeries.
Chocolate with Peanut Butter filling.
YUM !!
Yes my friends, I forgot to tell you I am 239 years old today..
Thats a big number ....

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