Thursday, June 16, 2011

What I am grateful for today !!

Good Morning sweet friends....My Grateful List for today is....
1. My kids have been teaching me patience this week. I am not sure if I passed the test but I am learning a-lot...I love them for that.
2. Warm Coffee in the yummy
3. The fact that I am still in bed but I shouldn't be...
4. The Heartwing Sisters..I love Kolleens girls, They speak to me and they remind me that being cute and silly is good. That magic is all around me. To stay in touch with that little girl inside of me. To believe. To keep my eyes open to all that is. They touch my heart and everytime I see a new girl I I love these cute little angels...I am so grateful for her talent...
5. For little girls who love it when you take there silly picture.
6. I am so grateful for candles that smell like vanilla.
7. I am grateful for friends who ask...did you run today?
8. I am grateful for time spent next to the pool.
9. I am also grateful that next week this time I will be in Cabo.
10. I am also grateful for morning when I wake up in a good mood.
11. I am super duper grateful for all my dreams.
having an RV.
12. I am grateful that maybe just maybe I will be able to make at least 10 cute hats like the one I am wearing for my girlfriends. If I start now I could have them done by Christmas... I am grateful for that dream....
Well, my friends have a great day and I will get ready for work now.

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