Friday, June 17, 2011

The word Should...

Lessons to learn for miss G concerning running..
The word should...ahhh i do not like it..
Let me start by saying I am just a girl who enjoys running and has found something very real inside of her due to running . I love to run. I love being alone and  moving my body in this almost rhythmic motion. It calms me and helps me clear my mind. I have made friends and most importantly I have really bonded with my dad through running but I am at this point were the word should keeps coming up in my head...Gloria you should be faster. Gloria you should not be this tired. Gloria your legs should not hurt and then back to the Gloria you should be faster again....
My heart feels like I should be completely satisfied with just getting out there and doing my best each day but this yuck gremlin pops in and keeps repeating this should word...
The word should is not a word that brings peace it not a word that's nice either . I don't like it...Its keeps me in this state of consistently judging my performance...when I am not performing I am simply just doing my thing. Yesterday is a perfect exsample see the picture above I ate all that just to get my butt moving and I was sluggish and I was tired..After 30 minutes or so I felt better and I got into it.. I had a nice run I even forgot I was running for a while..When I was done I looked at my watch..9:42 min miles...really gloria I thought.. you should be way faster.. Then I cought myself...I should what...
Then I thought about it. My lesson learned is this is..This is  my run and I should create my own rules. right?
I need to take the  word should out of my vocabulary...
I need to be kind to the girl inside of me who loves to run.
She is not running to win any races she is here to create a life for herself she loves..
Do you have shoulds in your life I guess we all do..
Is there somethng you practice to make that word go away?
I am going to practice using peaceful word with myself..
a friend of mine asked me yesterday.. How was your run ? I said I sucked I wa so slow...and then there response to me was ...why do you do that you should be happy you did your best and tomorow will be a new day and it might be better or it might not but its not about that ..Its about the journey..
I know this is all over the place but I was just reminded that its really imprtant to use nice words with ourselves..
and put all the shoulds in the trash..
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