Thursday, June 23, 2011

What I am grateful for today !!

 What I am grateful for today....
I am grateful for the great personality of my little girl.
I believe all of our children have spunk. creativity. imagination and its our jobs as parents to make sure they feel safe and loved its our job to make then feel like they can do anything...
They need us to be there biggest fan...
Back to my list.. sorry
I am grateful for warm summer days that ask for ice cream treats.
I cant have ice cream but I do.. because its so yummi !!!
 I am grateful for little boys who don't like having there picture taken but will pose facing the other   007
 I am grateful for people who will take funny pictures and pretend to be Elvis...(my dad)
 I am grateful for signs that remind you to do it happy..
 I am so grateful to have a camera I can pictures of myself..          ( that's a joke)
 I am super grateful for woman who believe in Art, keeping long distance friendships going. Who text to say ..Your amazing and how some how you get those text on the days you need them the most..Magic never fails.
 I am grateful for nature and taking time to touch the earth. We are so blessed with all of our surroundings . Our Earth kinda rocks ....
I am most grateful about feeling happier today..  I have had a really sad week, you know the kind you cant shake of. I don't like feeling super sad but I guess we just remind our selves it will pass and it will get better. It is really important to have someone to share it all with so they can remind you its all going to be OK and hug you if you need it...Then before you know it you wake up and guess what..You feel a little thing you know being sad is just a memory and your happy again..
I hope you have a happy weekend..
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