Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Running and Anticipation and a new outfit

  My first long trail run was planned for last Saturday. I was really nervous because I  just kept thinking what if I cant keep up. What if I suck...I had a hard time sleeping Friday night and I  couldn't stop thinking oh boy  what if...I suck.....
Well the what if went like this. We left here at 7 got to the trail at 7:40. I had all my stuff and a fancy new outfit from the Running Skirts store here in Encinitas. I think we should always support local business if possible. 
Check out there web site..
so I got a new running skirt
and a new  
and new Newtons trail running
So yes a new outfit even if its for running makes life more exciting.
back to my story...after stalling as much as I could we took of and it was not bad I actually did not feel the first 5miles..It was beautiful. Lake Hodges is a nice run. I guess you can go about 24 miles but we only ran 17...I saw a rattle snake too.. It was huge..I just pretended I didn't see it..I did fine until mile 15 were I got tired and just sat on the floor..Yup, just like a dogie when he is done walking..I was done..I gave myself 5 minutes to rest and tell my head to get up and then I was up and going. Only 2 miles to go..
 I did love looking down and seeing my new fancy glow in the dark trail shoes...They teach your feet to run correctly through a little pain...but once you let yourself feel the shoe your form is way better..Life is like that too..
Pretty plants along the way....

Here is the lake.. I had a great time it was hard and I loved every moment...(maybe not the snake ) So what I learned was that I can do this trail thing but I need a-lot practice and a-lot more miles to go. I am excited to be training for yet another fun race...running bring me closer to nature and bring me to a really beautiful place inside of me...I highly recommend getting out even if its just for a walk...
Have a great Day...
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