Friday, July 29, 2011

My Grateful List ...

I am grateful for those peaceful moments.  We all have them everyday; it’s just a matter of being still long enough to enjoy them.  How did I do it you ask? I started by being still, taking a deep breath and taking in all that is around me.  I call it, in my head, “the 360 look. “  Try it, stop, breath, look around, and just be still in that moment.  Taking it all in.  What I really love about this practice is somehow I don't feel like I am just cruising through life. Oh OK so if something really special is happening (like a kiss from that special man), a hug from your best friend or your kids dancing like crazy when that moment is happening do the 360 look. Sometimes, when being kissed, it is cool to open your eyes.  Maybe the person on the other end of that kiss is looking back at you…

I am grateful for my girlfriends… 

·      Having coffee with girlfriends
·      Having girlfriends you can call at anytime day or night
·      Girlfriends who ask you to lunch
·      Laughing with girlfriends while taking about… Well you know!!!
·      Girlfriends who love you.
I am very grateful for all my girlfriend.

I am grateful for the priceless pieces of art you can find all over my house. 

I am grateful that my kids love taping the walls with there messages...of art and love

It’s only a wall after all...

I am oh so grateful for banana hot fudge sundaes...
I love hot fudge!!!

I hope this does not gross you out but I am so grateful for Huevos Rancheros..
I have been craving this breakfast for like a month.  I had it twice this month; thinking about it makes my mouth water.
No, it’s not healthy..
Step 1: Place two fried corn tortillas on the plate…
Step 2:  Followed by two fried eggs..
Step 3: Heat up some salsa (fresh is better…)
Step 4:  Pour that on top of the eggs and add some beans…

And well there you go…
 Huevos Rancheros...

This week Gloria is grateful for little things that have made my life extra Yummy!!!

Have a great weekend


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