Sunday, July 10, 2011

Running=Happy G

I hope you had a great Sunday.. I just got done having a really yummi homemade Mexican dinner..Carne Asada with homemade salsa, tortillas beans and rice...yumm
So I thought I would share my weekend iphone photo pictures..First I ran over 30 miles this weekend. If you think I am crazy then you need to call the guy who invented the app I am using to train for my 50k that's just about 5 weeks away...I am following what my phone tells me.. Seriously I am not a fast runner just a girl who likes how running feels makes me feel... HAPPY
So, the good news is I only got lost one day...Yeah
The other good news is I am wearing what runners call a Nathan and I call a Camel back. I am drinking water while I run and its making a huge difference in my recovery.
I am also putting really good stuff in my water, remember a couple months ago I ended up in the hospital, the first thing they told me is that I was really dehydrated so I am not going to let that happen again. Here I am at about mile 2..It really wasn't that hot and there was lots of shade..

These are my new shoes..They don't look new but they are..There Newtons and they have a really cool sole. If you run with bad posture your body gets tired faster and your wasting lots of energy. If you strike funny, like pronate stuff like that this shoe helps you fix all that with pain. See if you don't learn to strike properly with these shoes you calves hurt so your body fixes your posture after a couple of miles so that your shoes don't hurt.. It works, my posture is better and I strike better and I have better form. All because of my stuff ..

That back pack is my Nathan back
I am a dork its OK I know it...
I had a great weekend I ran a-lot but I don't hurt and it really helps with my confidence as I go try to run a know I can do lots of miles even if its broken up in two days. I might be taking a-lot about my runs for the next 5 weeks because I am so excited about my next race. I wonder how running that distance will change me...I am excited to share my story about how I feel leading up to it..I even thought about changing my banner to a running banner but nah....
I am slowly jotting down mental notes of things I need in my back pack for long runs..
1. wipes
2. a bandanna
6. salt 

7. lip balm
The cool thing is that I believe us girls love getting bags ready..
I hope you had a great weekend and if you haven't tried running or jogging try it..Its hard in the begining but its so good for you..

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