Friday, July 22, 2011

Seriously in Love..

Today I had some wonderful moments where my daughter just melted my heart.  Isabella started swimming classes today. She is in sharks, which means next month she gets to try out for the swim team. 

I have to start by telling you that today started of very stressful for me. I knew if I could get through the morning everything would be OK... and I did. 
I picked up my kids and just went through my day not expecting too much. Then I got Bella ready for swimming class. Her excitement about being in the class completely changed my mood. I put all of my attention on her. This is what I saw...  An amazing little girl who was having such a great time. She laughed with the other kids but paid a-lot of attention and really tried to get her strokes down. Then it happened. I felt my heart melt. I thought to myself… I seriously adore this little girl. I almost, OK I admit it, I cried.  I just felt so happy that she was this healthy 8-year-old and  the sunshine of my life.  I had one those moments when you feel honored to say that’s my child...  Oh the feeling was so amazing... 

Then get this... Bella asked me if she could go on a run with me... Oh my Gosh!! 
How much more could my heart take... Hello!!!



I said. Lets go, so we got a little running outfit for her from my shrunken pile and hey there you go.  Bella was ready to go for a short run...
 I just about died with pride but I tried not to show how crazy happy I really was. 
My daughter is running with me.  I just kept thinking...
Thank you God. 
  Even if she only does it this once at least I have this moment. 
Thank You God.

I had a really great day and my heart is full of love for my kids..
Thank you God for the 3 wonderful blessings you gave me...
But seriously how cute is Bella in her running skirt...

I can't stand it… Her cuteness factor is a 10.


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