Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ramblings from Gloria's brain.....

I know its not September but I could not wait any longer to record how I was feeling about next Saturday, I have my first and hopefully not my only 50k. I am worried that I wont be able to finish in a decent time. I am worried it will get to hot and I wont be able to finish at all. I know I have trained but the last month has felt weird. I don't feel very strong, I feel tired. I talk to my dad about it and he says maybe I over trained and i already hit my peak and now I am just tired. I am not sure what that means but hey it sounds good. Running seems so much like life to me. Ups and downs. One after the other. My dad and I were talking today after his race and he said he wished he would of done better and I said hey you went out did your best and that's good enough right? He said yes...Now that should be enough for me. Right..
What running consistently teaches me is that I can do it.
and be OK
What life consistently teaches me is I can do it.
and be OK.
I don't think that I am going to go out there and kill it Saturday. 
I know that I am going to experience something that for some reason changes me..every time
Running has become a beautiful thing for me. Its just me and road and God. 
Its were I go to leave all my fears and get clarity.
My dad often says after a long run that he feels like someone took a q tip and cleaned out all the worries from his brain.. I love that.. 
So for the next week I will probably come here to say how I am feeling about Aug 27th..
My first 50k.
That inside of me feel like a really big deal. The best part of it is my dad and i talking about it and getting ready for it..He is driving me up and as he says I am your coach princess..How cool I have coach. I hope you had a great summer. It felt short to me..
I'll be back soon ..

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