Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ramblings from Gloria's brain.....

Holy Cow... Its Thursday morning and 2 days from now I will be running in my first 50k. Oh gosh..What I am most afraid of and if you were my friend you would also be afraid of this for me..Gloria getting lost..I hope I don't get lost..Remember when I ran the Rock and Roll here in the streets of San Diego and got a little lost..I hope that does not happen this weekend..I do hate getting lost.
 I have lots of running plans for next year..Well, because I will be 40 in May I figure I should really try next year to qualify for Boston. I am not a fast runner so this is a challenge for me, but I love a challenge..I think some people run with there feet and I think I run with my heart.So when I should be thinking about going fast I am dreaming about beautiful things. So next year I have a couple of good marathons lined up..The next marathon I run will be my tenth one...kinda crazy ..
The first one I ran I actually royally sucked at...6 hours..whats that maybe that does not count.
I finished with this man that was in his 60s and this was his 20th marathon in 3 months..and I finished with him...I have gotten much better and I have grown as a runner.. My form and breathing are better and its just much easier for me to run. Its the best thing for me . Thanks to running I have also developed a really great relationship with my dad..all and all its a good thing... Hope you having a great Thursday...

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