Friday, September 30, 2011

Where I am right now...

Tonight I am here sitting in my sister’s hospital room watching her and hoping that she recovers. I am staying here tonight to give my mom a chance to sleep because she has been here every night.  I have not been doing much outside of my kids and being here with my sister. I feel that I am exactly were I am supposed to be. I find that to be a wonderful thing. I adore my little sister and I pray for her and my mom.  As a mother I can’t imagine what my mother is feeling as she watches what my sister is going through.  Than there is my sister who doesn’t have the ability to tell us how she’s feeling.  It’s amazing how much we are willing to do for others. Some how me showing up to see her brightens up her day...  Sometimes I feel selfish, all wrapped up in my emotions of the day my sister is teaching me to listen and to think out side of my world.  It’s a blessing to be by her side every day, what a great life lesson.  I love holding Carmen’s tiny hands. She had a tough day.   After she had her feeding tube removed and then they tried to get her to eat applesauce.  She passed her swallowing test but when they fed her food it went into her lungs and that consequently made her sick again.  My sister loves food so not eating sucks for her.  Sadly he had to have the feeding tube put back in and that entire process must really hurt because she was not a happy camper. I told her you have to get some food in you so you can get better so you need this tube... She was probably thinking... OK G you try having some strange doctor stick a huge tube up your nose...the whole experience was bad.

I keep thinking about what to write or what to say on my blog. At this time I think asking you to keep Carmen in your prayers is what we need.  I will keep you updated.  Maybe next week I will bring my camera to the hospital and when I walk out to grab a bite to eat I’ll find some cool things to take pictures of.  Then the two of us can make a scrapbook, YEAH…  That might be a cute little project. Oh I have a Polaroid maybe ill do something with that, too.  Do you know of any Sept challenges?  I am sure there out there.  I have all night so I will surf the Internet and look.
OK my friends I will write soon.
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