Thursday, October 27, 2011

12 things I am grateful for...

The things I am grateful for on this Thursday night are..
I am grateful for the smell of pumpkin pie candles.
and yes the actual pie is better but the candle last longer.
I am grateful for that moment when I  first get in the shower and the water is perfectly warm.
I am grateful for my neighbors yard ..its filled with leaves and when I look at them I smile.
I am grateful for those people who believe in now.
I am grateful for warm afternoons when I am sitting by a window and I can feel the warmth on my back.
I am grateful that I can go whenever I want. 
( need a road trip soon)
I am grateful for my my sister when she gives me big hugs..and just hold me..we should all just hug the people we love and not let go...for a while 
I am grateful for the memories of sweet moments that bring me right back to that place. 
I am grateful for the act of putting my warm hands on my face. It feels sweet.
I am grateful for things we see in store windows that make our heart go crazy..
Like fox cardigans
But what fills me with gratitude this day is holding my little sisters sweet little hands...
I hope you know how special you are and that with a grateful heart you and me and us...are going to be more that just OK.

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