Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mon Petit Chateau..and her dream came true

My sister made her dream come true. She opened her own store. Its a huge and beautiful. A place for where children can pretend that they are in a magical kingdom. The clothes are provided.. You can dress up as a knight or maybe a pink fairy princess with butterfly wings. Your options are limitless.. and guess what there is magical train that will take you were ever your imagination desires. 

Children's eyes light up and of they go. My sister had a vision and she made it come true. She wanted to have birthday parties kids could remember for ever. She also saw a little cafe...The mommy cafe. In this mommy cafe you could get excellent coffee and pastries while you watch you child play.

She has created a play were both moms and children can relax and have magical day. The moms can pretend they are at a french bistro because ohh lala ...Its so shabby chick.

The best part she is full time hands on mommy with a big heart and Im so proud of her...

Big congratulations to my beautiful sister...
p.s. If your in san Diego and want to take your kids to a magical place to play or would like to book any kind of party.. Look up Mon petit chula Vista..
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