Monday, October 10, 2011

Join me for a Red Lipstick Challenge !!!

Yes, Today is Monday October 10th and I have decided to start this week of by wearing red lipstick.
I am going to wear it all week long. Why you ask?? I am a little afraid of wearing RED LIPSTICK. I feel that it can be loud and I have decided that's OK. I also feel its kinda sexy and it makes me want to smile and dress up too. If you need a little simple fun pick me up then you to could put on red lipstick.
Today was day 1..That's me driving to see my little sister and taking some pictures with my I phone at stop signs..
Mondays red lipstick report: I felt like a had a little kick in my step today..I wore black and that's also not a color I wear to much but red and black go well together. I had fun just knowing it my lips were red.. If you want to join me wearing Red lipstick leave me a message and tell me about it...I know this is random but its also kinda fun...

Happy Red lipstick week...
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