Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Red Lipstick day 2

Red Lipstick Day 2..
Tuesday was a full day and I wore  my red lipstick...Its not as red in the picture because this was taken late..
I spent the day with my little sister and then ran of at 4 to pick up my 3 kids make dinner and then go back to downtown to meet my dad for our date night. Last night we went to see
The Rocky Horror Picture Show..
The Old Globe is a beautiful Place in Balboa Park were they show lots of great plays. My dad and I go to about 8 a year. Its that time of year again. 

There are three theaters here, some bigger than others but they're beautiful. 

My dad and I ...getting ready to go back in after the intermission...Do I think anyone should see this play with there dad??? no
I honestly did not really like the play. I don't think I understood it to well, I am very glad I got to spend time with my dad though...and I wore my red lipstick too.....
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